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Next Session:


Join us on Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at
1585 Dodd Road, Mendota Heights starting at 6:00PM


Not rules, bylaws, or articles of incorporation, these are some beliefs and values of toast and tech:

  • make EVERYONE welcome, enthusiastically
  • make ALL questions welcome, enthusiastically
  • everyone is learning, everyone is teaching
  • there is no single path, there are as many paths as people attending, as many paths as needed
  • you don’t need a project or tech work to attend, just come
  • you don’t need any experience to attend, just come
  • support everyone who shows up
  • Make it safe to learn, safe to ask questions, safe to show up

And possibly the most important of all:

  • Toast and Tech can happen anywhere, be run by anyone; all it takes is letting folks know about it, and showing up to hold the space.


Toast and Tech began as a request by some folks going through some introductory classes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to have an extra time to do lab work together, not necessary specific instruction, but to be able to ask and answer questions, and help each other through the class work.

We attended a couple times at the Canteen coffee house and toast bar, in the Lyn-Lake area. Some of us enjoyed the time and the place well enough to jusy keep going as an unofficial study group. Information was usually passed via twitter, facebook, and slack, and there were no signups, agendas, etc., just a drop in when you want sort of thing.

Attendance kept going up, and we decided we should have a name. There were a few other meetings called “Code and Coffee” and we wanted to differentiate ourselves from that, so Tamara came up with the name “Toast and Tech” to keep it in the alliterative form, and reflect our relationship with the Canteen.

In late 2018, the parent group we were affiliated with, Girl Develop It, as part of the Minneapolis chapter, was imploading, and we stopped using that meetup account for signups. The issues with GDI are ongoing.

We’re starting a new Toast & Tech in St. Paul for folks who don’t or can’t travel across the river and 35W from the east side of the metro. There’s also a group meeting in Minneapolis called CodeJam on Fridays.

St. Paul meetups have been happening at Tamara's house occasionally on Monday evenings.


If you'd like to contact someone about this, try Tamara Temple on twitter as @tamouse or tamouse in the Women Who Code Twin Cities slack team.

Future Sessions

Monday, February 17th, 2020
Monday, March 2nd, 2020
Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020